Restoring and maintaining good health by working directly on the body’s energy systems.

About Me


My name is Áine Tormey, I am a qualified homeopath, yoga instructor and sound healer with a special interest in healing the effects of trauma. Originally from Ireland, I currently live by the beach on the beautiful Gower Peninsula in South Wales with my partner and three children.

A 13-year career in diagnostic radiography gave me a solid grounding in the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the human body and a “bird’s eye view” of what lies beneath the skin. It also gave valuable experience of the conventional medical system.

When I encountered homeopathy, I was introduced to a more holistic view of health, one that is wider than the mere absence of disease. At its heart was the notion of “The Vital Force”: The invisible, intelligent, life energy that animates us and strives to keep us well. From this point of view, symptoms are not considered separate from the person.

After personal experience of homeopathy, I embarked on a four-year professional training at the Irish School of Homeopathy and I graduated in 2001. I have been in practice ever since.

In 2014 I completed a 300hr teacher training with Aurolab yoga. I am registered with the Independent Yoga Network (I.Y.N)

Through yoga I discovered that I could connect with this vital energy directly. It is this direct experience that motivates my practice and my teaching. Yoga is simply my way of “coming home” to myself.

But why do we “leave home” in the first place? This question led me to study the effects of trauma. In 2017 I began attending a series of workshops (ongoing) with Somatic Experiencing practitioner Tanya Syed based on the work of Peter Levine.

As a radiographer I was familiar with the use of sound as a diagnostic tool (ultrasound) and therapeutically in the practise of lithotripsy (a technology that breaks up stones in the kidneys, gallbladder, or liver with pulsed infrasonic sound waves). I began to experiment with sound in my yoga practice and later was introduced to Biofield tuning.

Since 2016 I have been exploring biofield tuning and have observed and experienced the very tangible beneficial effects of this technique on the human body. I continue to learn and develop as a practitioner.

Yoga, Homeopathy and Sound Healing are the tools I use to directly affect the root cause of health issues, they are also the tools I use to maintain aliveness and wellness for myself, my family and my clients. I look forward to sharing this work with you.

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