Restoring and maintaining good health by working directly on the body’s energy systems.


Áine is an excellent teacher, one of the best I have had in 40 years of yoga. Her classes are varied and fun but she keeps an eye on everyone and is always ready when individual help is needed.


I have joined and left many yoga classes in my life as there was always an element of competitive performance. None of that here, these classes are for honouring who you are and finding yourself rejuvenated, made whole again as you surrender to the gentle voice and surprise yourself with finding your movements free and gracious as you fully inhabit your body and greet renewed strength. A gift!


I love that Áine’s yoga sessions are not about form but about consciously working with the body and breath. I find her instructions clear and helpful and am always amazed at how much of a work out her classes are.


I get so excited for Monday evenings as I get to go to yoga with Áine! Each time I come away feeling lighter, brighter and have more creases ironed out whilst feeling refreshed and invigorated.


I had suffered with I.B.S for as long as I could remember and had been to many doctors when I first saw Áine Tormey for homeopathic treatment in 2018. The results were more than I could have hoped for. I am now off all medications and if I have a relapse, I know that homeopathy will put me back on track.


I had wondered about homeopathic treatment for a long time. I have many aches and pains and have taken medication for years. After one treatment I could feel a difference in the pain and more interestingly in how I felt generally, like more energy and a feeling of wellbeing.


I cannot recommend Áine highly enough, she has helped us through so many ailments and injuries, mine and my children’s and I really don t know where we would be without the magic of homeopathy!


As an ME/CFS sufferer I saw Áine over a few sessions. Her calming , personable approach made me feel relaxed and open to sharing past experiences that may have been contributing to my condition. She provided me with a couple of remedies and always made sure that she followed up on how I was feeling after.

She has helped me enormously as not only am I able to keep up with challenging demands at work I am also able to maintain an active lifestyle as well


Bio-field tuning leaves me feeling refreshed and energised.


I don’t pretend to understand it but the tuning sessions have definitely helped with my anxiety and depression.


After one biofield tuning session with Áine a lingering symptom I’d had for the previous 6 months resolved. It seemed so easy. All I had to do was lie there and enjoy my energy “re tune” I’m looking forward to more sessions.


Biofield tuning has proved really effective for me. When I am stressed or frazzled I feel instantly relaxed and “tuned in” Áine is very calm and confident. I thoroughly recommend her.