Restoring and maintaining good health by working directly on the body’s energy systems.



Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine used by millions of people world-wide. It is a powerful,
effective and gentle way of treating all kinds of physical, mental and emotional ailments and is safe to use in conjunction with conventional treatments.

The underlying principle of homeopathy is that ‘Like cures like”, in other words a substance which can
produce symptoms in a healthy person can (when given in minute “homeopathic” doses) cure those same symptoms when they manifest during illness.

At the heart of homeopathic treatment is the premise that our health is governed by a “vital force” This
underlying life energy is vastly intelligent and always striving to maintain balance and good health.

Homeopathic remedies are specially prepared substances (taken in liquid or tablet form) which activate the vital force thereby enhancing the immune system and amplifying the body’s capacity to heal itself.


In chronic cases an initial homeopathic consultation lasts approximately one hour.

During this time, we discuss in detail how you are and any past medical history. On the basis of this consultation a homeopathic medicine (also called a homeopathic “remedy”) is prescribed. All remedies are made in the UK by Helios Pharmacy.

Clear directions will be given about how and when to take the remedy and a follow up appointment will be arranged (usually in one month’s time) to assess the result.

Where necessary further advice and support will be provided by phone at no extra charge.

For acute or first aid situations, a remedy can be prescribed over the phone.


(1 hour online or in person)


(30-40 mins)


Acute prescriptions


What People Are Saying

I had suffered with I.B.S for as long as I could remember and had been to many doctors when I first saw Áine Tormey for homeopathic treatment in 2018. The results were more than I could have hoped for. I am now off all medications and if I have a relapse, I know that homeopathy will put me back on track.


I had wondered about homeopathic treatment for a long time. I have many aches and pains and have taken medication for years. After one treatment I could feel a difference in the pain and more interestingly in how I felt generally, like more energy and a feeling of wellbeing.


I cannot recommend Áine highly enough, she has helped us through so many ailments and injuries, mine and my children’s and I really don t know where we would be without the magic of homeopathy!