Restoring and maintaining good health by working directly on the body’s energy systems.


I invite you to join me for Yoga classes and workshops where we will explore through direct experience a potential for health and wholeness that is accessible to everyone.

Through movement, postures and breath work the body releases deeply held (often unconscious) patterns of stress and tension.

Once we release these holding patterns and come into alignment the energy that was bound up is free to move and flow bringing us more available vitality.

Yoga is regenerative. When we free up our energy and reconnect with ourselves, we can more easily connect with others and with our environment.

Yoga is a wonderful antidote to the sense of isolation and fragmentation that so many of us experience and which is exacerbated by our culture.

Along the way we will cultivate a stronger, healthier, more flexible body and a clearer calmer mind. The classes are friendly, non-competitive and inclusive.

They are conducted in a spirit of playfulness and curiosity.

Come as you are!!


Mondays 6.30pm,
Horton Village Hall (Open Level)

Tuesdays 9am – 9:40am
(Complete Beginners)

Tuesdays 10am
Port Eynon Village Hall
(Open Level)

Beach Yoga

Port Eynon Beach
(weather dependant)

Pregnancy Yoga

Every Tuesday 5:45pm

The Swansea Wellbeing Centre


Private Groups or One-to-One
(contact me to arrange)


What People Are Saying

Áine is an excellent teacher, one of the best I have had in 40 years of yoga. Her classes are varied and fun but she keeps an eye on everyone and is always ready when individual help is needed.


I have joined and left many yoga classes in my life as there was always an element of competitive performance. None of that here, these classes are for honouring who you are and finding yourself rejuvenated, made whole again as you surrender to the gentle voice and surprise yourself with finding your movements free and gracious as you fully inhabit your body and greet renewed strength. A gift!


I love that Áine’s yoga sessions are not about form but about consciously working with the body and breath. I find her instructions clear and helpful and am always amazed at how much of a work out her classes are.